Technology and administration: the impact of the gdpl on leaders and organizations


  • Luiz Fernando D'Agostin Vaz
  • Bruno Henrique Rodrigues de Oliveira
  • Hellen Sabrina de Oliveira
  • Patricia Helena Batista Naideg
  • Adriano Carlos Moraes Rosa



administration, impact, GDPL, leadership, technology


The business world is evolving more and more. From globalization, the systems of production, financial transactions, and mass displacements of people turn regional organizations into powers that operate all over the world. The advancement of technology causes a real cyclone (in this research, understood as the main problem), creating what can be understood as "digital disruption", thus generating a justified "state of paranoia", since organizations and sectors also collapse in unprecedented numbers. Thus, the active leader in a traditional corporation should be worried. Technology aligned with management, added to the relevant concepts of the General Data Protection Law or GDPL are presented as potential alternatives for improving the structure, after all, taking responsibility for the care of information in digital media is consolidated as a strategic action. In order to understand these changes and deepen these necessary concepts, the exploratory, applied, bibliographic and documentary methods were used, effective techniques that provided learning and understanding of the topics addressed. As already aligned and conclusive results, it was possible to perceive that leaders and organizations must adapt and follow the conditions that the market demands, and that it is not possible to remain stagnant in the face of this global evolution that directly relates technology, administration and leadership.


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